Mythic N'Zoth Defeated

Delusions, insanity, and floating, teethy testicles.

Mythic Carapace Defeated

Penultimate boss aka teaching DPS how to macro and keybind.

Mythic Il'gynoth Defeated

Quite late into the pandemic for a personal-space boss.

Mythic Drest'agath Defeated

Androgyny has never been so confusing.

Mythic Ra-den Defeated

Lots of balls and too much melee action.

Mythic Vexiona Defeated

Dodging Covid breath left, right, and center.

Mythic Xanesh Defeated

Sweaty soccer scenes, sexy!

Mythic Shad'har Defeated

Explosive balls and resulting puddles...

Mythic Hivemind Defeated

Gushers pain-flavored bugs.

Mythic Maut Defeated

Stayed the urge to kill ourselves, for now.

Mythic Skitra Defeated

Delicious, smooth brains.

Mythic Wrathion Defeated

Dragon mechanics for slow fats.

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