Welcome to Dragonflight

Guild preparations for Vault of the Incarnates.

Each expansion brings a lot of new faces, policies, and of course new seasons of content. This announcement covers some of the basics about our guild policies and what to expect for Vault of the Incarnates.


Welcome everyone to the new expansion! I do apologize for our disorganization; I got Covid at a time I was planning on finishing up this website for one. Also our beloved busty goddess Discord Bot is still down for the count, and all applicants have to put up with Azz 😟.

I also want to quickly mention that Thaerhum and I take a relaxed approach to the guild. This is a video game and as much as possible we want to make things easiest for you all and not have to require obtuse homework, chores, splits, extra raid nights, ...etc. Above all, I care deeply about the atmosphere of the guild. I don't forbid people from being themselves by restricting any kind of language or topic so long as the intent behind what is spoken is aimed to put down a raider or our atmosphere. I use colorful language and the cursey words in a flamboyant manner and frankly, you should be more concerned if they're absent. Frustration and the pains of difficult bosses are to be expected, but raid orchestration isn't a free-for-all as we need some structure and heirarchy.

Quick Notes

  1. We will provide feasts and vantus runes. Come to raid with Phials , Runes , and your gear enchanted. We do not require runes or potions at this time, though their use is appreciated and good for your parses.

  2. Keep RCLootCouncil, Method Raid Tools, WeakAuras, and DBM or BigWigs up-to-date at all times. RCLootCouncil has released a new update since Thursday. If you are unopinionated, BigWigs is usually more compatible with our required WeakAuras.

    We provide required WeakAuras on a fight-by-fight basis, however healers are required to have Kaze ERT Timers Icons . This WeakAura reads are raid notes and warns you ahead of time when to use your healing cooldowns. Classes with raid utility such as Darkness , Stampeding Roar , Vampiric Embrace , et al can also use this WeakAura to know when to use such abilities.

  3. If you're a DPS run a 5-minute 1-boss patchwerk (default) Droptimizer prior to raid or after receiving a new piece of gear. We provide the fastest tier of RaidBots for our raiders for free.

    Droptimizer Sim

    Give us the raw DPS value of the upgrade, e.g. for the Chestwrap of the Waking Fist I would put +2,998 in the council note. As a tier item I would also say it gives me 2pc, but try to be clear, e.g. +2,998, gives 2pc. Or if I already had 2pc, you may say 3pc, if it gives 4pc, 5pc, or using just for stats, ...etc.


Aside from not pushing it with the raid atmosphere, there are some expectations we hold.

  1. There is a zero-tolerance policy for circumventing the loot council or mount distribution procedures. You will not interact with the "Group Loot" system in any way unless explicity told the council is suspended (e.g., offnights). I will report you to the recruitment Discord for doing this.

  2. Raid preparation is your responsibility. This extends to reviewing materials we prepared for you on fights, collecting consumables we do not provide, doing your mythic+ for the week, and keeping up-to-date on how to play your character.

    • Explaining mechanics takes valuable time we could be spent actually playing the game. While mechanics fall on a spectrum where watching a video is all you may need, to needing to practice it dozens of times on more difficult bosses. We also welcome players asking questions, but asking a question where it's painfully obvious no prior research was done is grounds for being sat.
    • At the beginning of the expansion consumables are a bit unreasonably expensive for the guild to provide for everyone, mostly potion cauldrons. At this time we do not require potions, but recommend having a few for more difficult bosses or if you're just a really cool person. We will provide food and vantus runes, but flasks, enchants, gems, and weapon runes are your responsibility at this time.
    • Mythic+ is an important gearing mechanism for everyone. We require everyone to do it for their vault. We do not have strict numerical expectations for key level or vault rewards at this time, but we will be monitoring everyone's keys. If you need help getting into groups try asking in Discord chat (voice or #guild-chat) or asking an officer of all else fails and we can try to set something up for you.
  3. Respect everyone's time. Everyone should be online and ready to pull trash 15 minutes prior to the start of raid time. You will lose raffle points for mounts being late or raid or delaying our start time. Similarly, Thaerhum and I are busy orchestrating 20+ people, fight strategies, distributing loot, and analyzing attempts between pulls. We will not pause the raid to explain in-depth why we are sitting certain players, why loot was distributed the way it was, or comparing and constrasting some other strategy you saw in a random video. Keep your questions short and to the point, and if you're not sure if it's a question we can, or want, to answer at a given moment ask in raid chat first so aren't taking up voice chat time. All of these questions and more are fine before or after raid, not during.

Enjoy the game and with the right atmosphere our wipes can often be more fun than our kills. Also, I will treat you more favorably if you send nudes (if you're a MAN).